This is just to say

I have disabled
the motion smoothing
that was on your TV
by default

and which
you probably
hadn’t even

Forgive me
it was so offensive
to my sensibilities
Mom & Dad

Photo of a glass of milk and small plate of cookies.

Feeling a little cranky and anxious, because sometimes holidays with family are like that, I come back inside with the dog, into the kitchen, to find my son – who should have been long in bed – working with excited focus on preparing cookies and milk for Santa. Helping him finish the plate and then get back to bed was the best part of my day. Cheers, friends.

I'm slowly starting to explore Flickr again and am enjoying "catching up" with the handful of active contacts I still have there. My steep downturn in activity surely coincided with feeling like the place had just changed so much from when I first started using it, that the community feel and early-web2.0 vibe of discovering and making a place together, that had made it really special -- just wasn't there anymore.

Scrolling through friends' timelines I'm struck by how much good stuff there still is, there, but I'm also a little sad that most of the people I used to feel a lot of shared affinity with have similarly dropped away. Of those who remain, I sometimes wonder, what's left for them that may not be here for me, anymore? I explore my own timeline and think wow, there's a lot of my own history here, at least history prior to the current part of whatever era my life is in the past couple of years. There were photowalks, 365s (well, attempts thereof), deep dives into groups and attempts at particular communities, documents of life transitions (Seattle for MSR, moving to Flagstaff, moving to our current home), and just lots and lots of photos, almost every one of which sparks a thought of time and place that's still really resonant. It's really something to wade back into that.

On the practical technology side, a tools change probably explains some of my declining use of Flickr, too: I heavily used Lightroom for many years, and had a nicely-tuned process of selecting, editing, and exporting to Flickr, but a year or so ago LR just became unstable and started crashing on me all the time. Eventually I just kept it closed and browsed my photos in the finder. Having never really gone back to iPhoto, I mean Photos, I have used Photostream2Folder to copy everything from my iPhone photostream into a directory that would be auto-imported into LR; since I stopped using LR, that folder just stays open on my desktop all the time so I can scroll through my pics. I copy files from my occasional X100S sessions right into that folder now, too.

Photo of an espresso machine, photographer reflected in its shiny front.

Getting back into Flickr may prompt me to re-explore some workflow, once again, at a time where my home Mac use has become pretty simply and unadorned. It's probably a good opportunity to re-establish better cataloguing, meta-data management (groan) and backup practices that I used to center around Lightroom, too. Should that be in Lightroom once again? Or in Photos, or ... maybe there's something even better now for the onetime high-volume enthusiast/hobbyist amateur photographer in me. 

It's winter vacation around here, so just maybe I'll get this figured out before the new year steamrolls in and the wide open horizons of winter days slips away, as it always does. 

I like how season 3 of Travelers is just going screw it, it’s Vancouver, here’s a panoramic shot.

I was absolutely blown away by Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse. Wow. It’s really spectacular.

Photo of a house with lights shining through the windows and the moon overhead.

Walking with the dog, behind my parents’ house, on a thin layer of cold snow, great-horned owls hooting at one another between the trees.

Autocorrect just changed my email signature from “Alan” to “Slam” and I think that’s how I’m going to end all my emails, now.

Photo of a turntable and Peter Gabriel’s “So”

Working from home this afternoon and listening to some music. Been a while. It’s nice.

Cappuccino in an orange mug with a heart shaped pour of foam.

This morning’s cappuccino. Not a bad little heart, if I say so myself.

My son, getting in the car today after school: “Dad, were there people ALIVE in the year two thousand?”

Tile guy working downstairs is rocking Jane’s Addiction, so things are all right.

Photo of an overturned trailer full of hay bales.

This overturned trailer slowing traffic down on my way home was … the last straw!

Red and orange clouds at sunrise.

Red sky at morning. Winter weather on its way!

📚 Finished Kate Harris’s Lands of Lost Borders this weekend. It’s a thoughtful, interesting and sometimes wonderfully lyrical story of cycling the Silk Road.

Screenshot of a to-do item called “tooth fairy”

Nailed some Dad Stuff this weekend, gang.

Nobody at the gym gets my joke about how when I turn my hat around, it’s like the ignition switch on a truck. sigh

It’s 2018 and I still have to screw around with VLOOKUP for half an hour before it works.

Dark early morning sky with one star and a few pink clouds

Pre-dawn in the Starbucks parking lot. Not bad, winter sky. Not bad.

Photo of a black dog on the floor.

Haven’t had lots to say for a little while. Here’s my dog looking ready for something.

Photo of a black dog in comic book style.

This comic book photo filter really is as cool as they say. It’s too bad it’s so inconvenient to use.

Sunset light on the tips of the San Francisco Peaks.

Mountain sunset last night was pretty excellent.

Photo of a man fishing hip deep in a river.

My mom snapped this photo of my dad last week, fishing in Dillon, Montana. I’ve looked at it dozens of times since. My dad has hit some health problems the last few years, and it gives me joy to see him wading in a river, fish on, in such a spectacular place.

Josh Ritter performing on stage at Flagstaff Cornucopia.

Last weekend I got to see my favorite songwriter, Josh Ritter, perform his first ever show in my little town. It was a wonderful, outdoor solo show on a perfect autumn night, a needed change of mood from a tough week. Josh plays with such a joy, such a tremendous heart and hope. Today I continue to reflect on that as the week ended again in a way that makes me feel gutted and bleak, and I’m playing more of his music on a long Sunday afternoon.

From his “Girl in the War”:

Because the keys to the kingdom got locked inside the kingdom
And the angels fly around in there, but we can’t see them
And I gotta girl in the war, Paul I know that they can hear me yell
If they can’t find a way to help, they can go to Hell
If they can’t find a way to help her, they can go to Hell

Paul said to Petey “you gotta rock yourself a little harder;
Pretend the dove from above is a dragon and your feet are on fire”
But I gotta girl in the war, Paul her eyes are like champagne
They sparkle, bubble over, in the morning all you got is rain
Sparkle, bubble over, in the morning all you got is rain
They sparkle, bubble over, in the morning all you got is rain

We got an inch of early-season snow overnight (all melted, now, but it’s still cold out), turned on the furnace for the first time today, have a bison roast in the oven, and I’ve been playing loads of Forza, AMA.

It’s 2018 and Apple Music still can’t properly play a live album without mixing it up with studio tracks.